Lured to Death

When David Copenhefer tapped the ‘delete’ key on his computer….he thought all his troubles had vanished into thin air.

Little did he know, his troubles were just beginning!

Copenhefer written notes detailing a 22-Point Plan to kidnap and murder the Corry Pennbank manager’s wife Sally Weiner…and get away with a bag full of cash…would solve all his financial wows...forever. His bookstore would finally be in the black, he could pay off his house mortgage, and life would be grand once again.

After all, in 1971 David and Pat Copenhefer slipped through the legal cracks back in Dayton, Ohio when he was involved in a murder-plot of John Calkins his computer business partner and collect 5 life insurance polices in Calkins name…which Copenhefer purchased a month before.

F.B.I. Special Agent Alfred Johnson of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office was hot on Copenhefer’s computer trail up in Corry, Pennsylvania.  Johnson was able to connect the computer…to the man…to the notes…to the crime!  Agent Johnson  re-construct the deleted 22-Point Plan from Copenhefer’s computer hard-drive. 

Copenhefer’s 1988 case became known as the Genesis of Cybercrime in the United States