Steps to build a diorama

                        Chasing Amelia Earhart

     This diorama is based on the above book.  It takes place on the island of Lae, New Guinea. Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan were taking off to complete the last leg of her World Flight June 1937.

      Earhart's destination was Howland Island.  However, the weather conditons in Lae were changing from a mild sunny day to a storm in the forecast. 

      Never-the-less due to a time element Earhart didn't want to delay the take-off until the next day.  Even though the weather conditoins would be much better for such a flight over the South Pacific. 

      History tells us the Electra 10 aircraft which Earhart and Noonan were flying never made it to Howland Island.  The World Flight of Amelia Earhart's had become a mystery to this day.  What ever happened, has been the topic of numerous theorist who spent their own resourses to search for the answers.



    Forming the Foundation

Plan the design of where items are to be located forming the scene.

Order all items needed to illustrate the scene ahead of time.

Begin with a green foam board for extra base support.

Next hot glue a 24x24 green foam on top of a laun board.

Hot glue gun the back laun board to frame as shown in scene.

Add green follage with hot glue gun.

            Applying Paint

Decided the colors to use to define the scene.

Paint all areas and let dry completlely.

         Arranging objects

Begin building items needed, paint and glue down.

Position items that best display the view you want the viewer to focus on. 

The objective of the a scene....FROZEN IN TIME.

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