JUSTICE for the Dead

About the Author

ANDREA NIAPAS is an author and documentary filmmaker based in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. She was consultant for NBC Dateline and the Discovery Channel's investigative series "In Cold Blood" and "Deadly Sins," based on her first book, Death Needs Answer: The Cold-Blooded Murder of Dr. John Yelenic, which focused on the violent stabbing death of a popular Blairsville, PA dentist by a Pennsylvania State Trooper. As a documentary filmmaker Andrea has researched and produced several films including The Helen Richey Story and Close to Closure, a documentary about Amelia Earhart. Recognizing that the death of an individual causes a ripple effect of pain and suffering among family members, friends, and community she has become a victim's advocate, dedicating much of her time and resources to helping and giving a voice to the co-victims of homicides.


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Fatal Friendship

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